Best 2000W electric scooters [best models + what to know before buying + how fast are they]

Whether you’ve had a regular scooter and need an upgrade, you’re an adrenaline junkie and love speeds, or you just love great scooters, chances are you will end up looking at 2000W electric scooters.

The scooters with motors of 2000 Watts are literally some of the best electric scooters in the world ever made.

The best 2000W electric scooters in 2021 are:

  1. Turbowheel Lightning
  2. Techlife X7S / X7
  3. Zero 10X
  4. Inokim OXO
  5. EVOLV Pro
side view of Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter on a white background

If you’re thinking about getting one of these bad boys, but you’re not quite sure which one to finally get, read on.

Best 2000W electric scooters

We are looking at the real power levels, not the peak levels. This will likely be a complete list, since only a few scooters have a motor with 2000 Watts of real power.

These are the best 2000W electric scooters.

1. Turbowheel Lightning

side view of a black folded Turbowheel Lightning with red details on a white background
Turbowheel Lighting

While all of the scooters on this list have real power levels of 2000 Watts, the Turbowheel Lightning has the highest peak power out of all. It has 3600 Watts of peak power available.

So it’s safe to say that the most powerful electric scooter out of all these models will be precisely the Turbowheel Lightning.

Fitting to its name, it can reach lightning speeds of up to 65 km/h. Its range of 72 kilometers is perfect for every possible commute out there.

Its climbing rate is not disclosed. But I’m guessing with a motor this powerful, no hills will ever be a problem.

We know the climbing angle of a scooter from the same company with a somewhat less powerful motor like the Turbowheel Hornet. Its climb angle is 20 degrees.

So it is safe to say that the Turbowheel Lightning will be able to climb hills of 20 degrees or more.

If you want the most capable motor in this Watt range, then look no further than the Turbowheel Lightning. It comes at the price of $1690. Check out my full Turbowheel Lightning / Lightning+ review if you wish to find out more.

Where to buy the Turbowheel Lightning / Turbowheel Lightning+ from?

US, Canada
The best, and likely only place, where you can get the Turbowheel Lightning or the Turbowheel Lightning+ from in the US and Canada is the EWheels store. Shipping is fast and it may even take just a day, but it may not be free in some cases.

The scooter is often not available in Europe, but there is a good chance that RideFatDaddy might have a few units in stock.

Turbowheel Lightning Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed65 kmh
Top speed40 mph
Range48 km
Range30 mi
Motorsdual hub BLDC motors
Power2000 W real, 3600 W peak
Battery957 Wh, 52 V
Battery typeSincpower
Charging time7 h
Weight35 kg
Weight77 lbs
Weight limit150 kg
Weight limit330 lbs
Tire size10 x 3 in
Tire typepneumatic tubed
Tire pressure40-45 psi
Foldable handlebarsno
Trunk or basketno (customization possible)
Build materialaluminum + steel
Terrainsall terrain
Brakesdual hydraulic Nutt brakes
Shock absorbersdual spring fork suspension
Lightsdual deck headlights + brake light
ControlLCD dashboard + voltage display
Speed modes3
Cruise controlyes
Warranty12 months
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)128 cm * 68 cm * 50 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)50 in * 27 in * 20 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)128 cm * 68 cm * 123 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)50 in * 27 in * 48 in
Deck to handlebar height98 cm (est)
Deck to handlebar height39 in (est)
Adjustable handlebaryes

2. Techlife X7S / X7

rear diagonal view of a black Techlife X7 with red details leaning on its stand in sand
Techlife X7S

The Polish brand Techlife is one of my personal favorites to watch and see what new models they release. Their scooters are the true definition of value for money.

Techlife actually has two models in the 2000 Watts area.

The X7S model has a longer range. It can to up go amazing 100 kilometers on a single charge. It is slightly slower, with a top speed of 40 mph / 65 kmh.

Its twin brother, the X7 model, has a slightly lesser range of 80 kilometers. It can go an extra 3 mph / 5 kmh faster, topping up at 43 mph / 70 kmh.

This way you can get a scooter according to your needs.

The X7S, in my opinion, a better choice. I consider range to be more important than top speed. Especially if you already have a top speed of over 50 km/h.

Maybe that’s why it is a bit more expensive, priced at $2000. The X7 costs $1785.

Either way, Techlife is a great brand. The differences between these two models are not that big. You can’t go wrong with any of these amazing scooters.


  • top speed: 65 km/h (70 km/h)
  • range: 100 km (80 km/h)
  • power: 3200 Watts (peak) / 2000 Watts (real)
  • battery charge: 22.4 Ah (18 Ah)
  • climb angle: 15
  • IP rating: IP35

3. Zero 10X

side view of a black Zero 10X with red details leaning on its stand on an empty road
Zero 10X

This excellent offering by the Zero brand is the best climber on this list. It can climb hills as steep as 35 degrees. If you live in a hilly area, the Zero 10X is a no-brainer for you.

For the price of $1900, you will get a very strong top speed of 64 km/h, and a range of 64 kilometers on a single charge.

While Zero has much more powerful scooters, they all cost almost double. The Zero 10X is a very solid value option they offer.

The Zero 10X is almost the same scooter as the Techlife X7, except that Techlife scooters are adjusted for the European market.

If you’re interested, you can find the Zero 10X at Rydology.


  • top speed: 64 km/h
  • range: 64 km
  • power: 3200 Watts (peak) / 2000 Watts (real)
  • motor voltage: 52 – 60 V
  • battery capacity: 1440 Wh
  • battery charge: 24 Ah
  • battery voltage: 60 V
  • climb angle: 35

4. Inokim OXO

front-diagonal view of a black Inokim OXO electric scooter with orange details on a white background
Inokim OXO

Priced at $2490, the Inokim OXO is the most expensive scooter on this list. And it has several traits that make that price very fair.

First of all, it has the biggest range on a single charge out of all the scooters on this list. It can go 68 mi / 110 km on a full charge.

That kind of range is simply surreal. It will literally take you everywhere.

Also, its top speed is among the top from this list, being able to reach 40 mph / 65 kmh.

That kind of combination makes it a real rocket.

If you want the most performant electric scooter around the 2000 Watts power range, your choice is already made. It is the Inokim OXO.

If you want to learn more about this great scooter, check the review here.

Where to buy the Inokim OXO from?

The Inokim OXO is a very popular power scooter, but only a handful of trusted stores frequently have it in stock. The best place to get it from will usually be FluidFreeRide. It provides the lowest costs from all merchants, both on the original price and in shipping costs. In fact, for the US and Canada, shipping will most likely be free, or very cheap, and you will get your scooter within 3-5 business days. For other countries, there might be a shipping fee, and delivery time might be longer.

Inokim OXO Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed65 kmh
Top speed40 mph
Range110 km
Range68 mi
Motorsdual hub BLDC
Power2000 W real, 2600 W peak
Climb angle15 °
Battery1536 Wh, 60 V
Charging time12 h
Ingress protection (IP)IPX4
Weight34 kg
Weight75 lbs
Weight limit120 kg
Weight limit265 lbs
Tire size10 in
Tire typepneumatic
Tire pressure43-50 psi
Foldable handlebarsno
Trunk or basketno (customization possible)
Build materialaviation-grade aluminum alloy
Terrainsall terrain
Brakesfront + rear full hydraulic disc brakes
Shock absorbersadjustable suspension
Lightsfront + rear LED lights
Warranty24 months
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)122 cm * 59 cm * 54 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)48 in * 23 in * 21 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)122 cm * 59 cm * 130 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)48 in * 23 in * 51 in
Deck to handlebar height105 cm (est)
Deck to handlebar height41 in (est)
Adjustable handlebaryes
NotesLG battery; adjustable ground clearance;

5. EVOLV Pro

side diagonal view of a black EVOLV Pro electric scooter with red details on a dark grey background

If you are looking for the perfect balance of speed, range, and price in this category, then the EVOLV Pro will be your pick.

The EVOLV brand has come a long way with their models, especially so in the last few years. The EVOLV Pro has literally everything you may ever need from an electric scooter.

Top speed of 65 km/h, and a range of 90 kilometers on a single charge. Great for conquering hills. Water resistance rating of IP54, making it a great option for any type of weather.

The EVOLV Pro comes at a cost of $1932. If you are in the market for an excellent all-rounder, that this is the scooter for you, and you can check out the EVOLV Pro at UrbanMachina.


  • top speed: 65 km/h
  • range: 90 km
  • power: 2600 Watts (peak) / 2000 Watts (real)
  • motor voltage: 46 – 52 V
  • battery capacity: 1196 Wh
  • battery charge: 23 Ah
  • battery voltage: 52 V
  • IP rating: IP54

What to know before buying a 2000W electric scooter

There are a few points you should be aware of when buying an electric scooter with this much power.


2000W electric scooters are not cheap, for most people they will be a substantial investment. Luckily, all of the scooters in this post come from vetted, reputable brands, so making a terrible mistake is not as easy.

If you decide to buy another scooter with this power level that’s not on the list, first of all, I’d love for you to let me know which one is it, as these were all that I know of, but second of all, make sure they come from an established company with a good reputation. I have nothing against Chinese scooters in general, but they have been known to offer very powerful scooters at very low prices, only for the owners to discover later that the scooter falls apart after one week.


If you’re looking at this type of scooter, I’m sure you’re at least somewhat already familiar with their performances. These things are really powerful, and they accelerate really fast! Make sure you stay safe at all times, always wear a high-quality, extra-safe helmet, and as much protective gear as you can, and respect the laws and the speed limits.

Are 2000W electric scooters legal?

In many countries, like the USA, a 2000W electric scooter will be road-legal, and the only legal limitations imposed on it will be the top speed you develop with it. However, in some countries, even the motor power levels are subject to limitations, and a 2000W electric scooter will not be permitted on the road at all.

Check out the full legal guide on electric scooters to learn more about whether you can ride a 2000W electric scooter in your country (coming soon).

Do you need a 2000W electric scooter?

2000W electric scooters are recommended for true scooter enthusiasts, people that need a very reliable or a more high-end scooter, or people looking for that next-level scooter after their first one. Also, for people that want top speeds of around 65 km/h, excellent range, great climbing abilities, and tons of power, these scooters are an excellent choice as well.

I would not recommend these scooters for beginners, casual hobby riders, or scooterists on a budget. Also, as all of these scooters weigh about twice as the regular commuter scooter, I would not recommend them to people looking for a portable scooter.

How powerful are 2000W electric scooters?

Some 2000 Watt electric scooters can routinely go more than 80 kilometers on a single battery charge. More than half of them have a range of at least 90 kilometers, and some have even more. They will have incredible speed, torque, acceleration, and unmatched climbing angles.

These are the top speeds, ranges, power levels, and prices of the 2000W electric scooters:

Electric scooterReal powerPeak powerTop speedRangeBatteryWeightWeight limitPrice
Turbowheel Lightning2000 W3600 W65 km/h72 km957 Wh, 52 V35 kg150 kg$1690
Techlife X72000 W3200 W70 km/h80 km?35 kg120 kg$1785
Techlife X7S2000 W3200 W65 km/h100 km?35 kg120 kg$2000
Zero 10X2000 W3200 W64 km/h64 km1440 Wh, 60 V35 kg120 kg$1900
EVOLV Pro2000 W2600 W65 km/h90 km1196 Wh, 52 V35 kg150 kg$1932
Inokim OXO2000 W2600 W65 km/h110 km1536 Wh, 60 V34 kg120 kg$2490

Every scooter listed here will have a great range.

While not necessarily off-road, most of these scooters will come with wide tires, ready to handle all types of terrains. With motors this powerful, these scooters will take you through anything.

Naturally, some of the best hill-climbing electric scooters will be from this category as well. Some will not be quite as optimized for climbing because of their big weight, though.

No doubt about it, these are some of the most powerful scooters ever built.

Real vs peak motor power

It is useful to knowabout electric scooter motors when looking at scooters this powerful.

Most of the time, when we talk about motor power, we refer to its real power. This is the power level that the motor develops most of the time, and it will be the power level it will have for the majority of the time you ride it.

However, there is another metric related to motor power called peak power. This is the absolute maximum power level that the motor can develop, and we can only measure it in scenarios where the motor has managed to reach its power limits.

This is very worth knowing about, as some manufacturers will just say “motor power” without specifying which power level they are referring to, and show the peak power of the motor to make their scooter look more powerful.

Personally, I’m always extra cautious when I just see “power level” without specifying which power level exactly. I’ve found that after extra digging, I usually discover the unspecified power levels are actually the peak power levels, so it may be an attempt from the brand to make the scooter look more performant.

What is the best 2000W electric scooter?

The best 2000 W electric scooter today is the Turbowheel Lightning. With a top speed of 65 km/h, a range of 72 km, it offers a lot more than most people need from an electric scooter. It has a peak motor power of 3600W, the highest from its category. Its unrivaled torque, weight capacity, and climbing abilities, make it a true 2000 Watt electric scooter.

Of course, this may be a matter of opinion.

If you value long range, or a good price, then your perfect 2000 W scooter choice may be different.

If you need a scooter with a very long range, the best choice from the 2000 Watt power category would have to be the Techlife X7S. It has a range of 100 kilometers on a single charge. That makes it the scooter with the second-longest range in this category. It costs about $2000. That is neither the most expensive nor the cheapest option.

How fast are 2000W electric scooters?

On average, 2000W electric scooters have a speed of 40.8 mph / 65.66 kmh. All 2000W electric scooters can easily reach speeds of 38 mph / 60 kmh, and usually more. Some of them can go even faster than 43 mph / 70 kmh.

You will literally go 40 mph / 65 kmh on an electric scooter. Completely crazy.

What is the fastest 2000W electric scooter?

The Techlife X7 is the fastest 2000W electric scooter, capable of reaching top speeds of up to 43 mph / 70 kmh.

How is top speed in electric scooters measured?

The top speed for an electric scooter is measured in lab conditions, which usually involves a flat terrain, straight road, fully charged scooter, no strong winds, and a rider that’s not too heavy, usually 165 lbs / 75 kg or less.

That’s the reason why some riders have found that they can’t achieve the same top speeds advertised by the manufacturers in the real world. However, for most people, in a large number of situations, the top speeds will be the same as the ones advertised, and possibly a bit higher.

How much does a 2000W electric scooter cost?

On average, 2000W electric scooters cost $1966. All of the scooters except for the Inokim OXO cost below $2000, but the Inokim costs $2490.

Given how much performance and quality you get, many find this price completely acceptable, even though it’s several times higher than a budget’s scooter price.

What is the cheapest 2000W electric scooter?

The cheapest 2000W electric scooter is the Turbowheel Lightning. It costs $1690 on EWheels. Since it’s also the best 2000W electric scooter, that makes it the best value model as well.

2000W electric scooter with seat

Out of the box, no 2000W comes with a seat. However, the Turbowheel Lightning does provide an option to easily install a seat on the back of the deck, which makes it a very useful electric scooter for adults.

You can find the seat for the Turbowheel Lightning at the EWheels store.

seat for a 2000 W Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter

Are there any scooters more powerful than these?

Yes! As crazy as it sounds, there are electric scooters with motors even more powerful than these monsters here. I am talking, of course, about the 2500W electric scooters.

And you wanna know something even crazier? The power struggle doesn’t end there, there are even electric scooters with 3200 Watts of power!

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