14 Best Off-road Electric Scooters [And What You Must Know Before Buying One]

In this guide, we will look at the best off-road electric scooters in the world, what makes them so, when each of them might be a good fit for you, but also what you need to keep in mind before buying one.

Best off-road electric scooters

front of Techlife X9 electric scooter on a rough terrain in forrest

These are the best electric scooters for off-road riding in 2021.

Off-road electric scooterTop speedRangeMotorsPowerPriceUse caseBuy
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 1150 mph / 80 kmh75 mi / 112 km25700 W$3195Best off-roadVoromotors
Dualtron Ultra 262 mph / 100 kmh87 mi / 140 km26640 W$3999Best off-road alternativeUSAMinimotors
Hollyburn P537 mph / 60 kmh28 mi / 45 km25200 W$6500Toughest off-roadWorksElectric
Nami Burn-E60 mph / 96 kmh90 mi / 150 km24200 W$4499Most powerful off-roadFluidFreeRide
Inokim OXO40 mph / 65 km68 mi / 110 km22600 W$2500Most versatile off-roadFluidFreeRide
Currus Panther50 mph / 80 kmh75 mi / 120 km25400 W$2900Best design off-roadFreeMotion
Apollo Ghost34 mph / 55 kmh39 mi / 62 km22000 W$1499Best mid-price off-roadApollo
NanRobot D6+40 mph / 64 kmh40 mi / 64 km22000 W$1600Mid-price off-road alternativeEl.Bo.Co
EverCross28 mph / 45 kmh31 mi / 50 km1800 W$799Best value off-roadAmazon
Hiboy Titan25 mph / 40 kmh28 mi / 45 km1800 W$999Value alternativeAmazon
GoTrax G420 mph / 32 kmh25 mi / 40 km1350 W$499Best budget off-roadAmazon
Techlife X962 mph / 100 kmh75 mi / 120 km27000 W$4100Best off-road in EuropeTechlife
Kugoo G-Booster34 mph / 55 kmh53 mi / 85 km22400 W$1200Best value off-road in EuropeGeekBuying
Kugoo M4 Pro28 mph / 45 kmh37 mi / 60 km1500 W$799Best budget off-road in EuropeGeekBuying

Best off-road electric scooter overall – Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

rear view of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior is not only the best off-road electric scooter in the world, but it has been that for several years in a row now.

Probably 9 out of 10 people buy the Kaabo Wolf Warrior for riding off-road. In fact, the scooter is so well known for riding on rough terrains, that in many scooterist circles it is the go-to off-road model, and even considering an alternative is equal to blasphemy.

Every part of the scooter is simply made for off-road rides.

It all starts with the motors. Naturally, the scooter comes with dual hub BLDC motors, each with 1200 Watts of real power. Together, both motors have 2400 Watts of real power, and 5700 Watts of peak power. That kind of motor setup makes the Kaabo Wolf Warrior one of the most powerful electric scooters in existence.

The tires of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior are also one of its strongest tools for offroading. The huge 11-inch pneumatic tires, with deeply treaded tires and made for extreme resilience, are possibly one of the best off-road tires in the entire scooter industry.

The scooter is available with standard road tires as well, and while it’s great to be able to switch between the tire type you need, off-road enthusiasts will probably only see that option as an afterthought. The off-road tires themselves are not too bad for regular urban rides as well, and even though you will lose some efficiency and performance, they will still provide tons of traction, safety, and comfort.

Besides the tires, the suspension of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior is also world-class and on par with the rest of the scooter’s components built for offroading. The front wheel has dual hydraulic shock absorbers, while the rear has dual thick spring shock absorbers. That combination is an excellent balance, as it provides a lot of suspension on the front wheel, where it’s critically important, while having a more robust and defect-proof system in the rear that still adds a lot to the cushioning effect.

Because of the two high-powered motors, the scooter has a great climb angle of 17 degrees. While the motor is the star of this scooter, the battery is also excellent, and it’s no wonder that the scooter can go 75 mi / 112 km on a single battery charge. The top speed of 50 mph / 80 kmh is amazing as well, although that kind of speed is mostly reserved for riding on real roads that can support such speeds.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior’s build quality is another angle that makes it a top-of-the-line off-road scooter. Although a more subtle aspect, the quality of the Wolf is the glue that keeps the whole package together and what makes it possible for every one of the high-quality parts to do their job well. The heaps of love and admiration that the scooter gets in reviews and ratings is only proof of that. If it were otherwise, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior wouldn’t be the best off-road scooter ever.

Such great build quality makes the scooter tough as nails. This is definitely a scooter that will last for years even if you truly put it to the test. The IPX4 ingress protection rating will also help in this regard as well, and it will protect the scooter from any kind of liquid ingress and prevent any battery defects in the long run.

While larger weight is seen as a negative in commuter scooters, it can almost be seen as a big plus in off-road scooters that need some mass to make them stable and durable. With 101 lbs / 46 kg of weight, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior has plenty of that, and while that makes it almost impossible to carry for long distances, it’s also what makes it capable of providing solid and stable rides even on the roughest of terrains.

The scooter has had the reputation of the best off-road scooter for quite some time now, and the design and engineering teams behind this model are working very hard on keeping that reputation. People expect to get the best off-road electric scooter when they buy the Kaabo Wolf Warrior, and they usually get what they expect. So far, the scooter has managed to satisfy pretty much every single owner and off-road enthusiast out there, and when it comes to top-notch scooters, nothing can beat that.

Keep in mind that as a very popular scooter, this model is available from several online merchants, but many, if not most of them, will try to overprice it, sometimes even by a ridiculous amount. While I’ve seen this scooter priced at $3500 or even more at times, you shouldn’t have to pay that much, and you will find it at Voromotors for under $3200 (and even less if you use my coupon escooternerds). You will also get a very good warranty period of 12 months (most other merchants only give 6 months of warranty on this scooter), and a 30-day return period.

You can see my complete Kaabo Wolf Warrior review if you want to find out more about the best off-road electric scooter of all time.

Where to buy the Kaabo Wolf Warrior from?

In the last few months, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior has been available on Voromotors, and for a much lower price than what you would find elsewhere. As usual, ordering from Voromotors means stellar customer support, free delivery in the US (and also in Canada, the UK, and most EU countries on orders above $3000, which means this scooter gets delivered for free as well), and a shipping period of just a few days. Also, don’t forget to use the coupon code escooternerds for a $50 discount!

Best off-road electric scooter alternative – Dualtron Ultra 2

When a Dualtron scooter is the “best alternative”, we know that the competition is very tough.

And, also, it’s hard to say for sure what is the “best” off-road scooter for everyone. While I personally believe that the Kaabo Wolf Warrior has proven to be exactly that many times over, I know a lot of people will strongly disagree with that statement, and most of them would probably nominate the Dualtron Ultra 2 as the best off-road scooter overall.

And it would be a very valid point, I agree.

The main reason why I would choose the Kaabo Wolf Warrior as the best off-road scooter is probably the price. It usually costs $2500, while the Dualtron Ultra 2 is priced at almost $4000 at the moment, and while the Dualtron Ultra 2 has several cool advantages, ultimately, I don’t believe it does enough to justify that big of a price difference.

However, it’s clear that it has some very interesting advantages, and some of them turn out to be pretty important for off-road rides.

For starters, the Ultra 2 comes from Dualtron, which is arguably the best high-end scooter brand that has ever existed. While the Kaabo Wolf Warrior is a great quality scooter, the Dualtron Ultra 2 will have those subtle, seemingly insignificant qualities, that can end up making a whole lot of difference in the end. The overall quality, the finishing, and the attention to detail, will be better in the Dualtron Ultra 2. Will they be worth paying 1.6 times the price? Well, for many scooterists, especially for the more detail-oriented and nitpicky ones, definitely yes.

The Dualtron Ultra 2 hasn’t been around for that long yet, but its predecessor, the Dualtron Ultra, has been around for years, and it is already a legend in many ways. And given how the previous version was massively successful and well-received, and how the Ultra 2 is just an incremental improvement rather than a complete overhaul, we know that the Ultra 2 will come with the same level of endurance and quality.

The range of the newer version is one of the biggest improvements – the Ultra 2 comes with a range of 87 mi / 140 km, which is about 12 mi / 20 km more than the first version. While the official IP rating of the Dualtron Ultra 2 is not specified, the first version had an IP54 standard, and I doubt that the improved version lacks that level of protection. The scooter weighs 88 lbs / 40 kg, and is heavy and reliable, as any good off-road scooter should be.

The Dualtron Ultra 2 specializes in off-road rides. It doesn’t even have the option for standard road tires. The off-road tires are 11 inches in diameter, quite wide as well to provide a good balance, and with very deep treads and patterns that will eat up any type of grass, dirt, sand, dust, gravel, pebbles, liquids, and pretty much anything else that might stand in your way.

On top of that, you also get rubber suspension on both wheels, 160-mm front and rear disk brakes, and an electronic anti-locking braking system that will prevent the scooter from skidding.

The two brushless hub DC motors and a combined peak power output of 6640 Watts is probably the clearest advantage this scooter has over the Kaabo Wolf Warrior. That translates into a large speed advantage, as the Ultra 2 is capable of 62 mph / 100 kmh top speeds, and also you can expect much better torque and climbing angles (25 degrees, as opposed to the Wolf’s 17).

So, yes, if we’re looking at things objectively, the Dualtron Ultra 2 may be a bit better than the Kaabo Wolf Warrior in some regards. Personally, I don’t think it does enough to justify such a high price difference, but if you do decide to go with the Ultra 2, you will definitely get one of the best off-road scooters of all time.

If you wish to find out more about this scooter, check out the Dualtron Ultra 2 at USAMinimotors.

Toughest off-road electric scooter overall – Hollyburn P5

rear view of the Hollyburn P5

Ok, the Hollyburn P5 is truly something else.

It is not the best electric scooter for off-road… because it’s the best electric tank for off-road!

Just taking one look at the Hollyburn P5 is enough to realize that this is a whole other breed of electric scooters, something that will not be comparable to anything else out there. The scooter has arguably the boldest, most audacious design out of any electric scooter I’ve ever seen. I mean, just look at this thing! It barely looks like a scooter at all!

Most scooters have mudguards. The Hollyburn P5 has armor. Literally. Stainless steel brush guards, full aluminum underbody plating, motor shield, and debris guard from aluminum, all make this vehicle the toughest electric vehicle in the world right now.

Both the deck and the stem are wide, thick, and rectangular-shaped, which not only makes them look tough, but gives the scooter such a structural integrity that virtually no kind of terrain or circumstances will even come close to challenging it.

Every single one of these scooters is carefully crafted and tested to oblivion. The scooter, or rather, the vehicle, comes with unique proprietary features and technologies such as the Crusher Five-Point Chassis Armor, the Pure Sine Wave Vector Control, and the Cell-Level Battery Fusing, which are only found in this model and in no other electric scooter in the world.

The primary use case of this scooter is to endure punishment. The design only reflects that, and the engineering backs it up completely. Made entirely in the USA from aviation-grade aluminum and stainless steel, the scooter weighs 89 lbs / 40 kg, and definitely errs on the side of reliability.

While design and execution are the most noticeable traits of this scooter, its motor is what adds the real flavor. With a chain-drive ZM3-R brushless DC motor, capable of outputting 5200 Watts of power, and the ZM3-RPure Sine Wave Brushless DC Controller with Regenerative Interlock Braking, the scooter will have unrivaled torque of 68 Newton-meters and a top speed of 37 mph / 60 kmh. That’s exactly what makes this scooter not only look the part, but play it perfectly as well.

The Hollyburn P5 has an ingress protection standard of IP66, which is one of the best IP ratings in the world at the moment. The scooter will definitely handle rain, snow, dust, dirt, and probably anything else you decide to throw at it.

Even though the design of the scooter is brilliant, the tires are my favorite part. The scooter comes with the Kenda Scorpion 145/70-6 tires, with a diameter of 14 inches! That clearly makes this scooter the champion of huge tires, and the rides, stability, and fun those things will provide during off-road rides will be hard to beat by any other scooter, despite the Hollyburn P5 not having any additional suspension (with tires that big, who needs suspension?).

Probably the only weak point of the Hollyburn P5 is its range. While 28 mi / 45 km is not a trivial amount of range, it’s nowhere near what most other off-road scooters are capable of. That said, other off-road scooters aren’t built like tanks, nor have tires of such a gargantuan diameter, so I guess that evens the scales a bit.

The battery is still of the highest quality – 52 V Samsung SDI cells, with 1238 Wh of capacity, a smart battery management system, the proprietary Individual Cell Fusing technology, and an IP67 waterproof casing. The battery will also have a lifespan of around 1500-2000 charge cycles, which is simply amazing (most batteries last between 300 and 500 full charge cycles).

The Hollyburn P5 is typically priced at around $6500, with a 2-year warranty on the battery and drive unit, and 1 year on the materials and the workmanship. It’s no wonder that it has a small but insanely passionate fan base. True, you may buy an old car with that kind of money, but probably no car in the world will be able to provide you the thrill that the Hollyburn P5 can. Make no mistake, this scooter is not meant for anything other than riding off-road, but if that’s your goal, it may as well be one of the best scooters in the world. You can find the Hollyburn P5 at WorksElectric if you wish to take a closer look.

Most powerful off-road electric scooter – Nami Burn-E

the Nami Burn-E leaning on its kickstand in the sand

Probably the most important feature of a good off-road electric scooter is the good old raw motor power. And when it comes to motor power in off-road electric scooters, no model beats the Nami Burn-E, also known as the Nami Viper.

The Nami Burn-E comes with twin 50 Amps controllers, and two brushless DC hub motors, each with a real power output of 1500 Watts, and a peak power output of 4200 Watts, for a combined peak power level of 8400 Watts.

Let that sink in. 8400 Watts of power. That kind of power is pure insanity, and probably the highest peak power level in the scooter world today.

The motors provide specs that are just out of this world.

For starters, the top speed of 60 mph / 96 kmh, will shake even the craziest speed demons to the core. In fact, I believe that only a handful of scooterists will ever dare to ride any scooter at that speed (I certainly wouldn’t). Of course, the scooter will climb like crazy, be able to carry a ton of weight on its deck, but also weigh quite a lot as a result.

The scooter is listed with regular street tires by default, but it is certainly available with off-road tires as well, which will be much tougher and provide the much-needed traction for riding on rough terrains. Both tire types will come with a large diameter of 11 inches. The tires are tubeless, which means they will be much more resilient than inner-tube tires, and will be much less prone to flats and explosions.

The adjustable suspension system is made from fully hydraulic coil-shock suspenders. For riding off-road, you will probably want more suspension, and it’s fairly simple to set the suspension to your desired level. The scooter also has excellent fully-hydraulic 1600 mm disk brakes on top of that, also highly adjustable, making it one of the safest and the most customizable electric scooters ever made.

The scooter has been designed based on user feedback from the bottoms up, and every single detail in its build serves a well-defined purpose. At the moment, the scooter can be preordered for a discount of $300. The scooter will have a lot to live up to, but based on how it started, things look very promising. The Nami Burn-E will probably be one of the best-made electric scooters in the world, and build quality will definitely be one of its strong suits.

When a scooter is based on the needs of real scooter lovers, designed by a team of dedicated experts, and made only from the highest-quality components, the result is an excellent premium scooter that has no flaws, neither in its engineering nor in its execution.

The top-notch 72 Volts 35 Amp-hours battery from 18650 Panasonic cells will provide a range of 90 mi / 150 km in ideal conditions. That makes this scooter one of the longest-range off-road scooters as well, and gives it a lot of versatility.

The scooter has an IP55 ingress protection standard, making it one of the best waterproofed electric scooters in the world. That further adds to the scooter’s reliability, and coupled with the stability that the 103 lbs / 47 kg of weight provides, this will be one of the toughest premium scooters ever made.

You can check out my detailed Nami Burn-E 2 Max review for the most detailed insights about the latest version of this amazing scooter.

Where to buy the Nami Burn-E 2 Max from?

It is very unlikely that you will find the original Nami Burn-E 2 Max somewhere other than FluidFreeRide.

Most versatile off-road electric scooter – Inokim OXO

person standing with one leg on the deck of an Inokim OXO electric scooter after climbing

The main problem with off-road scooters is that they are so specialized for off-road rides, that they often lack any other uses, and are only good for that one thing.

And, to be fair, that’s completely understandable. True off-road scooters must be specialized, since otherwise, they would not be off-road scooters.

However, there is one scooter that has no problems shifting its shape to play the role you need it to play, and transforming itself to best fit your needs. That scooter is the Inokim OXO, and it has the unique quality of being an overpowered scooter (as all off-road scooters must be) that can also serve the function of a more natural and casual scooter.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea here – this is not a commuter scooter. Not in the least. The Inokim OXO is simply lighter in weight, a bit more compact, has the options to switch the off-road tires and install street tires, and a few other features that enable it to wear several hats. So, if you want an off-road scooter that can also be a great scooter in general and maybe serve some other functions besides offroading, then the Inokim OXO might be a good choice for you.

The scooter is slightly less powerful than the monsters we talked about above in some regards. With two hub BLDC motors, and with 1000 Watts of real power and 1300 Watts of peak power in each, the scooter comes with a combined peak power level of 2600 Watts, which is still plenty of power.

That kind of power will provide a top speed of 40 mph / 65 km, a very solid climb angle of 15 degrees, and a weight limit of 265 lbs / 120 kg. The range of the OXO probably outmatches its speed, as the scooter is capable of crossing 68 mi / 110 km on a single battery charge, and that’s one feature that both commuters and off-road enthusiasts appreciate deeply.

The scooter comes with pneumatic 10-inch tires, and, as we mentioned, you can choose between standard road tires or off-road ones (or you could get both if you’re after more versatility). The scooter also has excellent suspension, and fully hydraulic brakes on both wheels, and all of that makes it an amazing pick for both off-road rides and more casual ones.

With a weight of 75 lbs / 34 kg, the Inokim OXO is not a portable scooter, but compared to the other off-road giants, it’s still around 30 lbs / 14 kg lighter on average, and that’s probably what has the biggest impact on this scooter’s versatility. At the same time, that kind of weight is still large enough to provide the stability needed for tackling the challenges of all types of terrain.

Moreover, the scooter is also very well made and is one of the best designed, best engineered, and best executed scooters in the world right now, and that gives it a lot of the much-needed toughness to handle those rough rides. It’s made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy that doesn’t rust or corrode, and it also has an IPX4 ingress protection standard that prevents water damage.

As most of the scooters on this list, the Inokim OXO is also a premium model, often priced above $3000, but if you get it from the best place for Inokim scooters in the world, which is FluidFreeRide, you can find it for around $2500. As usual, they will provide a 12-month warranty, and a 15-day, no-questions-asked return policy.

The Inokim OXO is frequently bought for many different reasons, but one scenario is common among many owners – people get the Inokim OXO when they want a reliable, durable, proven scooter, of the highest possible quality. The scooter has proven itself to be tough many times in the hands of many owners, and will respond to any type of abuse your throw at it. It will handle itself well on off-road rides, but it will also be an excellent scooter in general, one that you’re not afraid to show to your commuting friends, for example.

You can see my complete Inokim OXO review if you want to learn more.

Where to buy the Inokim OXO from?

The Inokim OXO is a very popular power scooter, but only a handful of trusted stores frequently have it in stock. The best place to get it from will usually be FluidFreeRide. It provides the lowest costs from all merchants, both on the original price and in shipping costs. In fact, for the US and Canada, shipping will most likely be free, or very cheap, and you will get your scooter within 3-5 business days. For other countries, there might be a shipping fee, and delivery time might be longer.

Best-looking off-road electric scooter – Currus Panther

side view of the Currus Panther

Currus is a relatively little-known brand in the scooter world, and that’s primarily because the prices of their scooters are well beyond what most scooterists are prepared to pay.

There is a good reason why their scooters are so expensive, of course. They produce some of the most luxurious, most innovative electric scooters in the world, even just several units per model in some instances, and what you’re buying is not only unrivaled quality, but also the fact that you may be the only person in the world with a scooter like that.

Now, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Currus pride themselves in their ability to design scooters that look amazing, and in general, I agree with them on that. Their scooters truly look amazing, almost always having a futuristic and geeky vibe to them.

The Currus Panther is one example of a great-looking Currus scooter, and in its case, it is made specifically for off-road.

It comes with dual motors with a combined peak power of 5400 Watts, that give the scooter a top speed of 50 mph / 80 kmh, and plenty of climbing and carrying power. The 60 Volt lithium-ion Samsung SDI battery, with a capacity of 2100 Watt-hours, enables the scooter to travel 75 mi / 120 km on a single charge.

What makes the scooter shine in the rough terrain are its 11-inch tires, with a wide profile of 3.5 inches for great balance as well. The scooter is only available with the deeply treaded off-road tires, which is somewhat cool to see in off-road scooters, as it signifies that the engineering team hasn’t hedged its bets and has gone all-in on designing a highly specialized off-road scooter.

Besides the tires, the fully hydraulic 4Link 150-mm suspension system and the hydraulic brakes with ABS further enhance the scooter’s off-road capabilities. Plus, the scooter uses the Hard Rock nuts and has a very tough and sturdy design and execution overall, especially in the stem but also in the wide deck as well, and it will certainly be tough enough to defy all of the unfriendly terrains.

The scooter is usually priced at around CAD 3500, which is usually around $2900. The price is usually expressed in CAD because the scooter can only be found on FreeMotionShop, which is a Canadian brand, but shipping should be quick and free in both Canada and the US. Given its performance and unique design, that’s a fairly good price.

See the Currus Panther at FreeMotionShop if you’re curious. They are one of the oldest and most renowned electric vehicle brands in North America, and you will get great a warranty, a long return period, and good customer support from them.

Best mid-price off-road electric scooter – Apollo Ghost

You may have noticed a little bit of a trend going on in the scooters until now. They were all super-expensive items, some of them so expensive that their prices sounded ridiculous even.

To be fair, there’s a pretty good reason for that. Producing good off-road scooters is hard, and in a lot of ways, there’s almost no way around that.


That’s where the Apollo Ghost comes in. With a price tag of $1499 for the version with the regular brakes, and $1699 for the hydraulic brakes version, the Ghost is a powerful but more affordable option that can still perform flawlessly when riding off-road.

The Apollo Ghost hasn’t been around for that long, but that hasn’t prevented it from gaining massive popularity and a lot of love from owners, selling in the tens of thousands. In fact, the scooter is very often out of stock, and it can only be pre-ordered at this time.

Build quality is definitely a strong side of this scooter. In general, Apollo scooters are all well-designed and undergo diligent quality control, so defects and issues are almost non-existent. The Ghost is made out of forged aluminum, so it’s strong and durable enough for any type of terrain.

It also comes with an IP54 ingress protection standard, and it can be used in some light rain and wet environments without worrying too much.

This scooter comes with dual motors, with a combined power output of 1600 Watts for the real power, and 2000 Watts for the peak power, which is quite a lot of power for this price range. That kind of power will easily provide top speeds of 34 mph / 55 kmh, very quick acceleration, and an excellent climbing angle.

The pneumatic tires are 10 inches in diameter. Now, you should know that the scooter comes with regular street tires, and it seems like off-road tires are not easily available for it, at least not through Apollo. That’s definitely a disadvantage this scooter will have for offroading, despite many owners reporting that the scooter performs flawlessly on rough terrains.

Luckily, the Ghost comes with dual spring suspension on both the front and the rear wheel, adjustable with just the hex key, and that gives owners plenty of ways to customize their ride for rough terrain. The scooter is available with either regular disk brakes or hydraulic ones.

The 52 Volt battery will give you a range of 39 mi / 62 km if riding more conservatively. Since the battery is not that big, the scooter also doesn’t weigh a ton, and with 64 lbs / 29 kg of weight, it is definitely one of the lighter off-road scooters.

With more balanced specs and features, the Apollo Ghost is a great general-purpose scooter overall, and it’s one of those scooters that can easily wear many different hats. Apollo stands firmly behind all of its scooters, and, as always, you will get a very generous 24-month warranty period, which is one of the most user-friendly warranty policies in the scooter world today.

If you want to hedge your bets a little bit, and get a scooter that’s great for any type of environment, and you also don’t want to pay a fortune for the monstrous off-road electric scooters, then you may want to take a look at the Apollo Ghost.

Where to buy the Apollo Ghost from?

Apollo scooters are only available through the official Apollo store, and that’s the case for the Apollo Ghost as well.

UK, Europe
The Apollo Ghost is also available in the UK and in most European countries through the Ride And Glide store, and since you will get fast and almost always free shipping, it is definitely an option worth checking out.

Best mid-price alternative off-road electric scooter – NanRobot D6+

rear view of the NanRobot D6+

While the Apollo Ghost is arguably the highest-quality mid-priced off-road electric scooter, the NanRobot D6+ matches it in price and other important off-road features, and outperforms it in some performance aspects, and that makes it a great alternative for anyone looking for a more affordable off-road electric scooter. Also, the Apollo Ghost may often be out of stock because of its popularity, and if you’re impatient about getting a good off-road scooter, then you will need to look at some alternatives.

NanRobot is mostly known as a brand that provides great performance for not so expensive prices. While they don’t really have any budget scooters, most of their models usually outperform most of the other scooters in their respective price ranges.

That’s certainly the case for the NanRobot D6+.

The D6+ is the next scooter in the NanRobot D series, but while the D4 and D5 were both excellent scooters, they weren’t really made for off-road. The D6+, with its dual 1000 Watt motors with a total output of 2000 Watts, and its treaded 10-inch tires, is the true off-road option.

The scooter performs great for its price, which is usually around $1600 – $1700. It has a top speed of 40 mph / 64 kmh, conquers hills well because of its dual drive, and has a range of up to 40 mi / 64 km.

Besides the off-road tires, the scooter has two C-type hydraulic spring shock absorbers on the front wheel, a large spring shock absorber on the rear wheel, and dual disk brakes, making it a complete off-road package.

Clearly, the NanRobot D6+ will not perform as well as the $4000 beasts, but it sure will surpass the performances expected from a scooter in its price range, and several owner tests and reports confirm that.

This scooter is not too heavy in weight, so it can be used for more regular rides as well, and given its long range, even commuting may be a great option.

There are a few things that would concern me personally if I were looking to buy this scooter.

For starters, the IP rating of this scooter is not well known. The good news here is that the D4+ and the D5+ models both had an IP53 rating, so it might make sense for this scooter to have that as well, just not that well advertised. However, it’s also possible that the scooter has no official IP rating.

Also, the warranty period for this scooter is just one week, which is an unusually short warranty period, especially for an off-road scooter.

I guess those few risks always come with a value-based price like the one of this scooter. If you’d like to find out more about it, see the NanRobot D6+ at ElectricBoardingCo.

Best value off-road electric scooter – EverCross

side view of the EverCross

Before we go on talking about value or budget off-road scooters, you should be aware that most of the time, they will perform very differently than the best off-road scooters. Designing and producing an off-road scooter that will stand the test of time is a very difficult task, and it’s virtually impossible for a cheap scooter to achieve even remotely similar performances and quality levels as the premium off-road models. Even the term “budget” has to be stretched a bit when we’re talking about off-road electric scooters – it usually means less than $500, but when speaking of off-road scooters, it’s more like around $1000.

All of that said, several models have been pushing the boundaries lately, and a few of them almost redefine what value scooters are capable of. Probably the most notable example of that is the EverCross off-road electric scooter.

Usually priced around $800, the EverCross is probably the cheapest electric scooter that can still perform well on demanding terrains.

The scooter has gained a lot of prominence because of its excellent value proposition. With a lot of raw power under the hood, it outperforms a lot of similarly priced scooters, and has become a darling of the scooter community in the last year. As with any value-first scooter, small quality issues here and there may be more frequent, but still, the EverCross is of solid quality and will come prepared to tame some inhospitable grounds.

The most important thing you need to know about riding the EverCross on rough terrain is that it’s a single-drive motor. While the rear-drive brushless DC hub motor has a pretty solid power output of 800 Watts, it’s still just one motor, and it will provide nowhere near the performance that dual-drive scooters can provide.

The top speed of 28 mph / 45 kmh will still be plenty for most riders, including off-road lovers. While the specs claim a climb angle of 45 degrees, that is almost certainly an overestimation, but there’s little doubt that the scooter climbs well.

When it comes to offroading, this scooter’s strongest weapon is its large air-filled tires. With 10 inches in diameter, the EverCross will provide a lot of cushioning and stabilization which will be much needed for riding off-road. They are not really off-road tires (despite the scooter’s listing claiming them to be so), but still, they’ve proven to perform well on all types of terrains.

Probably even better than the huge tires is the dual hydraulic suspension on both the front and the rear wheel. Practically no scooter at this price point has wheels this big and a hydraulic suspension on top of that, and that kind of package is what makes the EverCross arguably the best value off-road scooter.

Since the scooter doesn’t really go all-in on off-road features, it will be a much more balanced option in terms of portability, and a better match for many other day-to-day scenarios.

The 48 Volt battery provides a range of 31 mi / 50 km, which is also very good for this price.

The battery also doesn’t add too much bulk to the scooter, and with a weight of just 44 lbs / 20 kg, this will definitely be one of the lightest-weight electric scooters that can easily handle off-road rides.

The scooter comes with an IPX5 ingress protection rating, which, interestingly, is one of the best IP ratings in the world right now, and only a handful of scooters can boast such a high standard, including much more expensive scooters.

All in all, the EverCross is a very well-balanced scooter that provides a ton of bang for buck, while also being well-prepared for riding off-road. You will get a 12-month warranty on it, and you will likely get it for the usual price of $799, which clearly makes it one of the most cost-efficient off-road electric scooters ever.

You can take a more detailed look at this scooter in my full EverCross review.

Where to buy the EverCross from?

The only place you can get the EverCross HB24 / H5 will be Amazon. Typically the scooter will cost around $800.

Best value off-road electric scooter alternative – Hiboy Titan

person doing a stunt with the Hiboy Titan

The Hiboy Titan may be a great alternative to the EverCross if you’re looking for a value scooter that will hold its own on rough grounds. It is a bit more expensive, but it also comes from a more well-established brand, and the overall build quality level will be better. Also, the availability of the EverCross has been constantly changing lately, and it’s entirely possible for the EverCross to be out of stock at times, in which case the Hiboy titan would become the next best value off-road scooter.

The Hiboy Titan hasn’t really been around all that long, but initial reports of it are pretty good, especially considering performance off-road. In fact, off-road riding on a tighter budget seems to be the primary reason why most owners buy this scooter.

As with most scooters under $1000, the Hiboy Titan comes with a single motor. The rear-drive hub BLDC motor can output 800 Watts of power, which can be enough for tackling some unwelcoming terrain, although it will be nowhere near the level of the premium off-road scooters.

Still, that kind of power is enough to give the scooter a very solid top speed of 25 mph / 40 kmh (some owners even report speeds up to 29 mph / 46 kmh). Also, the scooter will climb pretty well and conquer hills of up to 11.3 degrees, while being capable to carry 286 lbs / 130 kg of weight on its deck.

The scooter itself weighs 51 lbs / 23 kg, which makes it a lot more portable and versatile than the typical off-road power scooter. While not being terrible heavy, the scooter still has a good range of 28 mi / 45 km.

The tires of the Hiboy Titan are one of its most interesting aspects. They are advertised as off-road, but to me, they seem to be some sort of a hybrid between off-road and standard road tires, as their treads are not really as deep as the treads of the true off-road scooters. They are certainly not standard road tires, however, and with medium-deep treads, great traction and toughness, and 10 inches of diameter, they perform pretty well on all grounds. That’s what owner reports mostly suggest, too.

Further, the scooter comes with dual bushings suspension on both wheels, and dual disk brakes on both wheels as well, which are much-welcome features for riding off-road. The scooter also has an IP53 ingress protection standard, which mostly protects it well from dust and dirt but also provides some protection against water as well.

The Hiboy Titan will typically cost around $1000, and for that price, the build quality of the scooter will be very solid. As I said, it will probably be better than the EverCross, and also, probably better than any other $1000 scooter that claims to be an off-road model. You will get a full year of warranty and a 30-day return period if you decide to give this scooter a shot. You can find the Hiboy Titan on Amazon for the best price and delivery terms.

Best budget off-road electric scooter – GoTrax G4

person riding the GoTrax G4

We’ve entered the budget price category, and before we go on talking about the GoTrax G4, you should know that this is not an off-road scooter, it was never meant to be one, and it doesn’t even bother pretending it is one.

It’s just that, well, for under $500, there is literally no scooter in the world that will perform well off-road. It’s just not possible. And since some people will only have a budget of $500 and still want a scooter that will be as good for off-road rides as possible for that sum, one of the very few good options for them will be precisely this scooter.

Let’s start with the bright side here. The GoTrax G4 is an excellent budget scooter in general, amazing for commuting and for other general-purpose scenarios that most regular people use their scooters for. It is usually priced at $499, is very well accepted and loved by its owners, and comes from arguably the best ultra-budget scooter brand in North America.

Weighing just 36 lbs / 16 kg, it is the lightest scooter on this list, and if you’re after a balance between a commuting and off-road scooter (and that balance is tipped a bit in the direction of commuting), then the GoTrax G4 will already be a perfect choice for you.

It just so happens that this budget commuter has self-regenerative pneumatic 10-inch tires that will perform decently off-road. Further, the scooter has two brake systems, a disk brake and an electronic brake, that provide a lot of stopping power and safety. The scooter has no additional suspension, but then, scooters at this price point never do.

The overall design and engineering of the scooter are pretty good, as GoTrax has been around the block a few times already and knows how to create a good-quality scooter for just several hundred dollars. Made from aluminum alloy, with a strong IP54 ingress protection standard, and one of the best executions ever in an affordable scooter, the GoTrax G4 is definitely a budget star. One disadvantage that GoTrax scooters often have is the relatively short warranty period of just 90 days, but then again, their scooters often go for quite a long time without any defects, so that may not be that bad of an issue.

The scooter will perform ok, not too great, but certainly much better than most budget scooters. The top speed of 20 mph / 32 kmh, the range of 25 mi / 40 km, the climb angle of 15 degrees, all make the GoTrax G4 a strong budget model, and that kind of specs allows the scooter to do ok on rough terrains.

In general, the GoTrax G4 is a very interesting option for many people, and its rising popularity only confirms that. If your budget is less than $500, and you’re looking for the best possible off-road scooter that kind of money can get you, you will probably end up getting the GoTrax G4. You can see my complete GoTrax G4 review if you’re interested in this scooter.

Where to buy the GoTrax G4 from?

There is no better place to buy the GoTrax G4 from than Amazon, but you should also check the GoTrax store just to make sure you are getting the best price. In both cases you will get free and quick shipping, and probably the same warranty and return periods.

Best off-road electric scooter in Europe – Techlife X9

Techlife X9 electric scooter climbed on a hill overlooking green fields and blue skies

If you live in Europe, you will have a hard time finding a better off-road electric scooter than the Techlife X9.

The more involved scooter enthusiasts will already know that the Techlife X9 is pretty much the same scooter as the Zero 11X.

In general, while the Zero 11X is an excellent power scooter, it’s not exactly an off-road model. Not to say that it will not perform well on rough terrains, but when compared to the other premium scooters in this list that are made for off-road rides from the ground-up, it will not be as good.

Since Europe has a smaller choice of premium scooters available than North America, and all those crazy monster scooters and concept models are not available, the Techlife X9 will be one of the best off-road choices in Europe.

Techlife may be a bit less well-known than Zero as a brand, but since both companies essentially offer the same scooters, we can count on the Techlife X9 having the same high level of quality and durability as the Zero 11X. Plus, the scooter weighs an astonishing 115 lbs / 52 kg, so stability will never be an issue.

Also, ridiculously powerful scooters such as this one don’t seem to be in such high demand in Europe, so user feedback and owner reports on the Techlife X9, in particular, are not that widely available, but still, from what we can observe, the Techlife X9 is one excellent power scooter, that is more than prepared to take on the challenges of the wild and untamed off-road.

Motor power is definitely the strongest side of this scooter. With dual brushless DC hub motors, each with a peak power output of 3500 Watts, the Techlife X9 has a total peak power output of 7000 Watts, which is just insane.

As a result, the scooter will provide a top speed of 62 mph / 100 kmh, a proven climb angle of 35 degrees (making it one of the best climbing scooters in the world), and a potential range of 75 mi / 120 km provided by the 72 V LG MH1 battery.

No scooter in Europe even comes close to that level of power.

The Techlife X9 will come with standard road tires by default, but it will support large pneumatic 11-inch off-road tires as an upgrade. Also, the scooter has world-class 160-mm hydraulic disk brakes, and an adjustable dual spring suspension system on both wheels, which only solidify its place as Europe’s best off-road scooter.

Additionally, the scooter comes with an IP35 ingress protection rating, protecting the scooter from both liquid and solid particles.

In summary, while the Techlife X9 may not be an off-road scooter primarily, it sure has everything it needs for riding it on any type of terrain, and then some. Usually, the scooter costs around 3500 Euro, and you get an excellent 24 month warranty period on it.

If you’re curious about this absolute monster of a scooter, check out my complete Techlife X9 review.

Best value off-road electric scooter in Europe – Kugoo G-Booster

If you’re after a good off-road scooter in Europe, and the Techlife X9 is either too expensive or too crazy for you, you will probably end up getting the Kugoo G-Booster.

The Kugoo G-Booster is the most powerful scooter from the Kugoo brand, known for its dedication to building scooters that perform well for great value prices, often even half of what other scooters with similar specs cost. No wonder the scooter has been gaining ground at a rapid pace, and has probably become the most popular off-road electric scooter in the UK and in many other European countries.

The scooter comes with two hub BLDC motors that output combined peak power of 2400 Watts. Given this scooter’s price, that’s one of the best-value offers you can get from a scooter in the whole of Europe. Just the mere fact that the scooter has two motors instead of one makes it an amazing bang for buck, and that feature is its strongest tool when it comes to riding off-road.

The scooter will perform brilliantly, on all types of terrains. It can go as fast as 34 mph / 55 kmh, climb hills of up to 35 degrees, and carry loads of 265 lbs / 120 kg, without as much of a beep coming out of it.

Another very strong feature of this scooter is the range. Capable of going up to 53 mi / 85 km, the Kugoo G-Booster is up there in the stratosphere with the long-range electric scooters, some of which cost three times as much as this scooter.

Made from the highly durable 7005 aluminum alloy, and with an IP54 standard, the scooter can truly take a lot of punishment, and that’s another great off-road feature.

But the icing on the cake is found in this scooter’s tires. The wide, large, 10-inch pneumatic off-road tires, with deep treads, highly resistant to flats and skidding, will make sure this scooter handles off-road rides pretty much as well as a scooter twice its price would.

And, to make things even better, the scooter comes with dual suspension systems on both wheels, and dual front and rear disk brakes plus an electronic brake, making the scooter the complete package when it comes to riding on rough grounds.

The scooter weighs 66 lbs / 30 kg, which is exactly at the middle between commuter and off-road scooters. While the Kugoo G-Booster errs more towards off-road performance, it will still be very useful to most casual riders and commuters as well.

The price of the Kugoo G-Booster is subject to frequent change, but you can usually find it for around $1100 – $1200. You will get a good warranty period of 12 months, and 14 days to return the scooter if you don’t like it. See my comprehensive review of the Kugoo G-Booster to find out more about this great value model.

Where to buy the Kugoo G-Booster from?

The best place to get the Kugoo G-Booster from in the UK and in most European countries is GeekBuying. You will probably get free shipping, and little to no additional taxes and fees.

Best budget off-road electric scooter in Europe – Kugoo M4 Pro

side view of Kugoo M4 Pro leaning on its stand in a grass field

Kugoo scooters are mostly available only in Europe. In the case of the Kugoo M4 Pro, its lack of availability in North America is a substantial loss to offroad enthusiasts there, as it is one of the best budget electric scooters, both in general and for riding off-road.

First off, there are almost no other scooters that come with 10-inch pneumatic offroad tires while costing just $799. In the UK, the EU countries, and most other European countries, the Kugoo M4 Pro might be the only scooter that achieves that.

This scooter provides one of the best balances between price, value, and performance. With a single 500 Watt hub motor, it is capable of reaching speeds up to 28 mph / 45 kmh, a climb angle of 12 degrees, and a weight limit of 330 lbs / 150 kg.

The range of the scooter is even more impressive, and the scooter can go up to 37 mi / 60 km on a single charge. That’s mostly the range in ideal conditions, and you will probably get less in off-road scenarios, but it’s a good range for such a cheap scooter nonetheless.

The large 10-inch tires are the highlight of the Kugoo M4 Pro. With deeply-treaded, anti-skid and explosion-resistant tires, the scooter is more than prepared to handle the challenges of rough riding. In addition, the scooter comes with dual suspension and dual disk brakes, both of which are incredibly useful off-road features.

The scooter has an IPX4 ingress protection standard, and the main building material of this scooter is aluminum alloy, which makes the scooter both tough and light at the same time. Weighing only 49 lbs / 22.5 kg, this will also be one of the lighter off-road scooters available, and while not exactly portable, it will still be compact and light enough to be useful for any type of ride, not just off-road.

The Kugoo M4 Pro outperforms many of its peers in this price category, but most important of all, it comes with a very decent overall build quality, and that’s probably the best thing we can say about this scooter. Sure, it will not be the same level of quality as some of the high-ticket items described above, but for the price of $799, it will be quite high, and it will last a long time.

As usual with all of the more budget-friendly scooters on this list, which can perform off-road but are not exactly the top-of-the-line models for that task, the Kugoo M4 Pro will provide a good balance of several important features and aspects. Many choose it for its off-road features and its low price, but find themselves using it for commuting a lot as well.

The scooter comes with 12 months of warranty, 6 months on the battery, and a 14-day return period. If you wish to find out more about this scooter, see my complete Kugoo M4 Pro review.

Where to buy the Kugoo M4 Pro from?

The best place to buy the Kugoo M4 Pro in Europe and the UK is Geekbuying by far. Your scooter will arrive in a matter of days, with no additional costs for most countries. It currently has a 17% discount on the price if you buy through the link, although I’m not sure how long will that last.

What types of terrains can off-road scooters go on?

Electric scooters made primarily for off-road riding will have no problem handling almost any type of rough terrain, including dirt, grass, gravel, dust, sand, pebbles, cobblestone, mud, and puddles.

Of course, the stability and the comfort of the ride will vary based on the scooter’s tire configuration, its hydraulics, and its overall build quality, but most true off-road scooters will provide relatively smooth rides over any type of terrain.

What makes an electric scootter good for off-road?

The demands of the rough terrains are very high, so an electric scooter that’s prepared for riding off-road needs to fulfill a lot of different criteria.

The most important feature an off-road scooter must have is the capability to support large off-road pneumatic tires. That means the scooter’s wheel and tire diameter must be big to begin with, as anything below 10 inches will already be too shaky, and then, if the scooter comes with regular street tires by default, it must provide the option to easily swap those tires with off-road ones. Scooters with solid tires are definitely out of the question – the shaking and the vibration will simply be intolerable, and may even cause the scooter to break.

So, if a scooter’s tire diameter is small, even close to the standard (8-9 inches), that scooter will be at a big disadvantage for off-road rides. Also, if the scooter comes primarily with regular tires, and changing them is either not possible or a huge headache, then that scooter will be at a disadvantage for off-road as well.

The second most important feature of a good off-road scooter is its build quality overall, and specifically, whether the scooter was meant to be used off-road. If a scooter isn’t meant to be used off-road, there will be tons of small issues that can quickly aggregate and cause the scooter to suffer a lot of wear and tear even after a bit of riding on rough terrain. Further, riding off-road will put any scooter under serious stress, and if the scooter’s build quality isn’t prepared to be tested that way, the result will be major defects.

Somewhat related to the stability of the ride will be the scooter’s weight. In general, it’s not exactly a requirement for an off-road scooter to be heavy, but as it turns out, all of the good off-road scooters are heavy, and that indirectly helps with the scooter’s stability and reliability. On the other hand, if an off-road scooter were to be light in weight (which almost none of the off-road scooters are), then the scooter may be easily thrown around by uneven terrain and wobble too much. So, in general, off-road scooters being heavy is not a bug, but a feature.

Another important factor when it comes to riding off-road is motor power. The more motor power a scooter has, the better it will be for offroading. Also, scooters with dual motors will vastly outperform scooters with just one motor. The differences in power, torque, handling, control, RPMs, acceleration, climbing, and traction, will be so great, that it barely even makes sense to talk about an off-road scooter with just a single motor.

Good brakes are important for off-road, but the suspension is probably even more important. You will almost never find a good off-road scooter without suspension. The reason for that is because scooter tires are generally small when compared to tires of other off-road vehicles, and except when riding on the smoothest of surfaces like nice flats roads, every bump in the road is felt as a vibration throughout your entire body. That’s why having a good suspension helps immensely when riding on rough grounds.

The ingress protection standard is also very important. We mostly talk about water resistance and protection from liquid, but the ingress protection standard actually describes protection against both liquid and solid ingress (the first digit is for protection from solid ingress, the second for protection from liquid ingress). In the case of offroading, both are pretty much equally important. You want your scooter to not only handle contact with water well (the occasional ride through a puddle of water or mud, for example), but also you want it to be immune to damage from dust, dirt, sand, and other unwanted particles that are commonly found when riding off-road.

Range might be an important feature for off-road scooters, although not necessarily, especially if you don’t plan on riding off-road for hours on end. That said, most off-road scooters usually need strong batteries as well, and that always means big range, too, so most of the time, good off-road scooters will have long ranges.

One often disregarded aspect of a good off-road scooter, or maybe a good off-road scooter store, is the warranty period. As you probably know, riding off-road will really put your scooter to the test, and defects should surprise nobody. You definitely want your off-road scooter to have the longest warranty period possible (I consider 12 months to be the absolute minimum). Also, the availability and affordability of spare parts is an important factor as well.

Those are all the most important criteria that an off-road scooter should satisfy. As you can see, it’s a very long and complicated list, and that explains why off-road scooters are very pricey, but also very admired.

What you need to know before buying an off-road electric scooter

Off-road electric scooters will tend to be quite expensive in general. The challenges that rough terrains impose on electric scooters make it inevitable for them to be of the highest quality, thoroughly tested, and perform several levels above the regular budget commuter scooters. It’s almost impossible for a good electric scooter to cost under $1000, and even the scooters that cost $1500 will have cut a few corners that might make them perform below average when riding off-road.

Another important consequence that off-road scooters will share because of the demands of rough terrain riding will be their size and their weight. Since off-road scooters must be very powerful, they also must be big and heavy as well. This means, in the vast majority of cases, off-road scooters will have almost no portability, and bringing them with you on the subway will almost certainly be out of the question.

This brings us to the major point you need to consider when you’re thinking of buying an off-road electric scooter. While they are powerful and capable of many great achievements, off-road scooters will generally not be good for scenarios where you need a portable little commuting scooter. That is a decision you will have to make, and you should be aware of the tradeoffs that off-road scooters bring with them.

If you’re conscious of those tradeoffs and you’re definitely sure you want a thrilling off-road ride, then, you will be in for the ride of your life.


Those were all the things you need to know about off-road electric scooters, and all the models in the world right now, including the scenarios when each of them might be an ideal choice for you.

For reference, here’s a quick table summarizing all of the information from this guide.

Off-road electric scooterTop speedRangeMotorsPowerPriceUse caseBuy
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 1150 mph / 80 kmh75 mi / 112 km25700 W$2500Best off-roadVoromotors
Dualtron Ultra 262 mph / 100 kmh87 mi / 140 km26640 W$3999Best off-road alternativeUSAMinimotors
Hollyburn P537 mph / 60 kmh28 mi / 45 km25200 W$6500Toughest off-roadWorksElectric
Nami Burn-E60 mph / 96 kmh90 mi / 150 km24200 W$4499Most powerful off-roadFluidFreeRide
Inokim OXO40 mph / 65 km68 mi / 110 km22600 W$2500Most versatile off-roadFluidFreeRide
Currus Panther50 mph / 80 kmh75 mi / 120 km25400 W$2900Best design off-roadFreeMotion
Apollo Ghost34 mph / 55 kmh39 mi / 62 km22000 W$1499Best mid-price off-roadApollo
NanRobot D6+40 mph / 64 kmh40 mi / 64 km22000 W$1600Mid-price off-road alternativeEl.Bo.Co
EverCross28 mph / 45 kmh31 mi / 50 km1800 W$799Best value off-roadAmazon
Hiboy Titan25 mph / 40 kmh28 mi / 45 km1800 W$999Value alternativeAmazon
GoTrax G420 mph / 32 kmh25 mi / 40 km1350 W$499Best budget off-roadAmazon
Techlife X962 mph / 100 kmh75 mi / 120 km27000 W$4100Best off-road in EuropeTechlife
Kugoo G-Booster34 mph / 55 kmh53 mi / 85 km22400 W$1200Best value off-road in EuropeGeekBuying
Kugoo M4 Pro28 mph / 45 kmh37 mi / 60 km1500 W$799Best budget off-road in EuropeGeekBuying

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